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book recommendations

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The untethered soul

super deep

 So much goodness in this one that resonates differently each time I listen to it. This book had me take a deep look at my internal thoughts. Reframes past trama and uplocks the freedom we have by default.

You’ll See it when you believe it

where I started

This book was the very first book I ever read that was related to personal development. Easy read for beginners or to refresh on resetting your perspective on your life and connection with yourself.

way of the wizard

lessons in stories

I have read this book AT LEAST 50 times. There are stories and then lessons then ways to incorporate the lesson in your life. Dives deep but is great to read story by story.

Power of Now

mind melter

This book is in regular rotation to keep me anchored in the reality that all we really have is this moment. Great for reflection to let go of the past and release the expectation or fear of the future. 

high performance habits

move the needle

This is a goodie to gain clarity and focus. Connect to your purpose and unlock productivity to find success and quality of living.

the four agreements

powerful code of conduct

Blasts past limits and unlock your personal freedom with this gem.

Productivity Must Haves

Client Management Software

collect and manage leads, clients, payments and your business processes more efficiently.


Planner Pro-Daily Calenda‪r

I have tried dozens of apps and this is the only one that keeps me on track.

simple payment collection

Square links to most all software, has an app for easy use and can auto transfer funds into your bank account quick.